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MATRIX RELOADED - Soundtrack -2cd

MATRIX RELOADED - Soundtrack -2cd
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MATRIX RELOADED - Soundtrack -2cd su
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May 2003
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CD (italiano):
1.session - linkin park 2.this is the new shit - marilyn manson 3.reload - rob zombie 4.furious angels - rob dougan (instrumental) 5.lucky you - deftones 6.passportal, the - team sleep 7.sleeping awake - p.o.d. 8.bruises - unloco 9.calm like a bomb - rage against the machine 10.dread rock - oakenfold 11.zion - fluke 12.when the world ends - dave matthews (oakenfold remix) 13.main title - don davis 14.trinity dream - don davis 15.teahouse - juno reactor/gocoo 16.chateau - rob dougan 17.mona lisa overdrive - juno reactor/don davis 18.burly brawl - don davis vs. juno reactor 19.matrix reloaded suite - don davis

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