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ONE NITE ALONE... LIVE! (box3cd)

ONE NITE ALONE... LIVE! (box3cd)
ONE NITE ALONE... LIVE! (box3cd) su
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08 Jul 09
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CD (italiano):
3 CD CHE RACCOLGONO I PIU' GRANDI SUCCESSI DEL MITICO PRINCE: 1.rainbow children 2.muse 2 the pharaoh 3.xenophobia 4.extraordinary 5.mellow 6.1+1+1 is 3 7.the other side of the pillow 8.strange relationship 9.when u were mine 10.avalanche name 12.take me with u 13.raspberry beret 14.everlasting now nite alone 16.adore 17.eye wanna b ur lover me, baby 19.condition of the heart (interlude) & pearls 21.the beautiful ones 22.nothing compares 2 u 24.starfish & coffee 25.sometimes it snows in april come u don't call me anymore 27.anna stesia in repetition 29.we do this (feat. george clinton) 30.medley: just friends (sunny)/ if you want me to stay (w/ musiq) 31.2 nigs united 4 west compton 32.alphabet st. 33.peach 34.dorothy parker 35.girls & boys 36.everlasting now

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