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13 Mar 09
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CD (italiano):
Giovanni Vernia, la rivelazione dell’anno di Zelig, presenta la sua prima “ESSIAMONOI COMPILATION”! Un doppio CD contenente le hits dance del momento miscelate con gli esilaranti commenti di Jonny Groove! Ovviamente non mancherà il suo inno ‘Essiamonoi’!!! All’interno del cd troverete anche un esclusivo adesivo di Jonny Groove! CD 1: 1. GIOVANNI VERNIA aka JONNY GROOVE "Essiamonoi" 2. KURD MAVERICK “Blue Monday” vandalism remix 3. DB BOULEVARD feat. KENNY THOMAS “You're The One” 4. LAURENT WOLF feat. MOD MARTIN “Seventies” 5. KID CUDI vs CROOKERS “Day 'N' Nite” crookers remix 6. FRANKIE GADA vs. RAF MARCHESINI “Rockstar” 7. FLOWER POWER “Forbidden Fruit” 8. SUNRIDER “The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)” 9. 7TH HEAVEN feat. BANDERAS “This Is Your Life” ortega's classic mix 10. MARTIN SOLVEIG feat. CHAKIB CHAMBI “One 2.3 Four” 11. RON CARROLL “Bump To Dis” 12. MARCHI'S FLOW vs. LOVE feat. MISS TIA “Feel The Love” 13. NORMAN DORAY & TRISTAN GARNER feat. ERROL REID “Last Forever” 14. ANDREA PACI feat. MICHELLE WEEKS “Blowing In Me” 15. RUDENKO “Everybody” 16. PLANET FUNK “Lemonade” tommy vee & roy malone extended version 17. PLAYERS PLEASE “Feels Like Fire” CD 2: 1. CHRIS LAKE “Only One” 2. THOMAS GOLD & MATTHIAS MENCK “Everybody Be Somebody” 3. ORIENTAL FUNK STEW “Sky High” 4. LOVEMATIC feat. SHAROM MAY LINN “Stay Free” 5. TIM DELUXE “Mupod” 6. DJ ROLAND CLARK pres. URBAN SOUL “Black In My Soul” 7. DEADMAU5 “Slip” sébastien léger remix 8. THE MONTANAS & DJ ROLAND CLARK “Music Talking” d.o.n.s. & dbn remix 9. FUNKERMAN feat. I-FAN “Remember” 10. ROGER SANCHEZ feat. TERRI B. “Bang That Box” 11. JAIMY feat. J MAC “I’ll Be There” 12. THE CUBE GUYS “Be Free” 13. FEATHER PARISI "No Way Out" deep progressive mix 14. JOSHUA “Cookies” enabled mix 15. PC SYNERGY "Legwarmer" 16. GAVIN BOYCE “Face Down” 17. NEBRASKA "The other side"

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