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DVD Title:
Enzo Ferrari

Mondo Home

The history of the legend of Enzo Ferrari. A man, a myth.
€ 30,99
DVD Title:
Giorno Piu' Bello (Il)


After three years of cohabitation, Nina asks Leo to marry it. It has fear, she reassures it 'cause it will be a not conventional wedding. But...
€ 19,99
DVD Title:
N - Io E Napoleone

Medusa Video

In the 1814 Napoleone it goes in exile, received from the enthusiasm of the people and the nobles. But there is someone that does not celebrate him
€ 17,90
DVD Title:
Non Ci Resta Che Piangere (CE) (2 Dvd)

Cecchi gori

Saverio and Mario, after a violent thunderstorm, are waked up in 1492.Their mission is to stop the travel of Cristoforo Columbus towards the America
€ 22,49
DVD Title:
Ennio Morricone - Arena Concerto


the live concert of master Ennio Morricone to the Verona's Arena.Smash hit of the cinema that all we have loved
€ 39,53
DVD Title:

Cecchi gori

During the second world war on one small island of the Greek sea arrives eight Italian soldiers. They discover a new world
€ 14,99
DVD Title:
Lungo il sentiero dell'illuminazione. Consigli per vivere bene e morire consapevolmente


The history of the Magliana's group. Birth, Gloria and Died of many young men without face
€ 16,50
DVD Title:
La storia d'Italia di Indro Montanelli

Cecchi gori

Fascinating journey through italian history, from Mussolini to the contemporary political background
€ 52,80

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