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Tomei Alessandro Book Title:
Giotto e il Trecento. «Il più Sovrano Maestro stato in dipintura». Ediz. illustrata
Author: Tomei Alessandro
Publisher: Skira

€ 90,00     discounted: € 81,00
Pedretti Carlo Book Title:
Leonardo. The European genius. Painting & drawings. Catalogo della mostra (Brussels, 2007-2008). Ediz. inglese e francese
Author: Pedretti Carlo
Publisher: CB Edizioni

Leonardo. The European genius. Painting & drawings.
€ 45,00     discounted: € 36,00
Dziwisz Stanislaw Book Title:
Una Vita con Karol. Conversazione con Gian Franco Svidercoschi
Author: Dziwisz Stanislaw
Publisher: Rizzoli

The history of a young Polish clergyman, become secretary of the greatest Pope of the past century.
€ 8,50
Bertolazzi Alberto - Attini Antonio - Bertinetti Marcello Book Title:
Italia, emozioni dal cielo. Con DVD
Author: Bertolazzi Alberto - Attini Antonio - Bertinetti Marcello
Publisher: White Star

A great collection of the most beautiful photos of Italy
€ 50,00
Liberati Silverio Anna M.; Bourbon Fabio Book Title:
Roma antica. Storia di una civiltà che conquistò il mondo. Ediz. illustrata
Author: Liberati Silverio Anna M.; Bourbon Fabio
Publisher: White Star

The intricate history and vicissitudes of one huge civilization. From the foundation of the Eternal City to the decline of the Empire.
€ 75,00
non specificato Book Title:
De Chirico. Catalogo della mostra (Padova, 20 gennaio-27 maggio 2007)
Author: non specificato
Publisher: Marsilio

An exceptional catalogue. Hundred of wonderful photos of the Italian artistic genius.
€ 42,00
non specificato Book Title:
Morricone western. Con CD Audio. Ediz. italiana e inglese
Author: non specificato
Publisher: Mediane

Oscar to the career 2007. The history of Morricone, Sergio Leone and the kind Western. with cd audio.
€ 19,90
Cremante Simona Book Title:
Leonardo da Vinci. Artist scientist inventor
Author: Cremante Simona
Publisher: Giunti Editore

Leonardo da Vinci. Artist scientist inventor
€ 16,90
Del Piero Alessandro Book Title:
Dieci +. Il mio mondo in un numero.
Author: Del Piero Alessandro
Publisher: Mondadori

The history of a greatest player, from many years captain of the most famous team of the world, told through a number: the 10.
€ 14,00
Vespa Bruno Book Title:
Storia d'Italia da Mussolini a Berlusconi
Author: Vespa Bruno
Publisher: Mondadori

From the 25 July 1943 to today, The history of Italy seen through its more important political events
€ 16,00
Bacilieri Claudio Book Title:
I borghi più belli d'Italia. Il fascino dell'Italia nascosta. Guida 2004
Author: Bacilieri Claudio
Publisher: Donzelli

A guide to the most attractive and typical town of Italy, with details about traditional feasts and street markets
€ 9,00     discounted: € 7,20
Caon F. (cur.) Book Title:
Andrea Bocelli
Author: Caon F. (cur.)
Publisher: Guerra Edizioni

€ 8,00
Giorgio Capitani DVD Title:
Papa Luciani - Il Sorriso Di Dio (2 Dvd)
Giorgio Capitani
Eagle Pictures

The intensity and the force of its instructions are still alive in the heart of the faithfuls. The story of Albino Luciani: Pope of the smile.
€ 23,99
Steno (Stefano Vanzina),Sergio Corbucci,Camillo Mastrocinque DVD Title:
Toto' Cofanetto (5 Dvd)
Steno (Stefano Vanzina),Sergio Corbucci,Camillo Mastrocinque
Ripley'S Home Video

The collection of five wonderful Totò's movies. With others greatest actors like Aldo Fabrizi, Aroldo Tieri, Sylva Koscina and many more
€ 63,00
non specificato DVD Title:
Coppi E Bartali - Gli Eterni Rivali
non specificato
Istituto Luce

They have divided an entire country. Enemies with the bicycles and friends in the life. The legend of two extraordinary champions
€ 14,99
non specificato DVD Title:
Campioni del mondo
non specificato
Warner Home Video

The excepional way of Italy, that in Berlini, striking France, has raised the World Cup
€ 38,22
Pavarotti Bravo CD Title:
Pavarotti Bravo

€ 15,99
Ennio Morricone CD Title:
Ennio Morricone - We All Love Ennio Morricone
Ennio Morricone
Sony Music

€ 5,99

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